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Web Api and DTO

Aug 4, 2014 at 6:45 PM
Hello Nirosh,

At first I really appreciate your great effort for developing such a framework.

I am going to develop a large level SPA. And your framework assists me to bypass for redeveloping the application infrastructural plumbing as well as cross cutting concern like (Exception handling, logging and audit trail).

But I am confused and having some problems just as follows.
  1. I would like to expose a service layer using Web Api. One of my group of developer will be responsible for developing front end (MVC 4) using that API as well as Mobile client.
    Where should I put this standalone service layer ?
  2. I wanted to introduce the DTO using Auto mapper. Which place is suitable to fit in this DTO?
Please advice me according to the above points so I can look forward.

Thank You
Sep 2, 2014 at 12:52 PM
Dear Rusho,

Your questions are very good and very broad too..

I am sure you would have made your choices by now.. If you still have them please be precise and ask those so that I can help you much more effective manner.

When architectural questions are broad it is harder to give precise answers.. as those depend on many variables including your domain knowledge..

I hope you understand me